My namesake, Alice, turns 150.

Like Alice in Wonderland, a year ago I too ventured to a mystical place.  In my case, it was from New York City to Barcelona and I landed in a world where eat me cakes and drink me potions come in the form of jamón and cava.

Admittedly, I am always looking for connections no matter the form, particularly connections between people and variations of their movement through the world.  Alice in Wonderland popularized my name, here I celebrate her storybook journey now 150 years old.

With this first post as a signal to my beginning NYC Arts Radio again after a year long hiatus due to my own rabbit hole (my studio), I declare my realigned objectives which include producing this podcast.  Unlike Alice, I am mindful which path I take, and there I head with force, love, and happiness as the only mapped out route in my dress pocket.

– – – – – – –  The image above is of a painting of mine called Salta el Charco, in English it translates literally to jump the puddle / pond, as in the Atlantic Ocean.  In addition to my visual art vocation,, I am the writer, host and producer of NYC Arts Radio,     – – – – – – – – –

SEE:  If you are in NYC from June 26 through Oct. 11, 2015 visit the Morgan Library & Museum where Carroll’s original manuscript is on view.

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